The push for private companies hiring veterans continues

NEWS 1130

by Dean Recksiedler

As we prepare to mark Remembrance Day, we’re hearing about a big push to hire veterans after they’ve served our country.

Dan Popowich with the Commissionaires of BC says the number of people who want to see business step up has doubled since last year.

“Obviously Canadians admire our veterans and they want them to do well, make a living and support their families. They feel that the private industry is one of those avenues to success.

Each year, the Commissionaires hires more than a 1,000 veterans across the country to provide security services.

“It’s commendable that more and more Canadians see a role for business to help veterans find good jobs after their military service has ended,” says Popowich. “We have a long history of hiring vets, but so many more companies could benefit from the knowledge, experience and value veterans can deliver to private companies.”

The views of people in BC strayed from the national average on the survey’s central question. Only 7.5 per cent of respondents from BC believe the private sector has the highest obligation to help veterans find jobs while the national average was much higher at nearly 12 per cent.