The “You” in Uniform

Every stitch of the Commissionaires uniform is made of soft, breathable fabric and tiny pieces of a proud individual representing our organization. 

To spotlight the uniqueness and diversity of our people, we sat down with Cmre Maureen Brown, who joined CNS in April 2009 after being a stay-at-home mom to four children. She held security roles at Halifax Stanfield International Airport until 2017 and now serves at the Port of Halifax.  

“My favourite part was how much my life changed while working at the Halifax airport. I found my self-confidence and the love of my life; my husband.”

– Cmre Maureen Brown

Meet Maureen Brown: A Dedicated Mom, Carpenter and Gardener Who Met the Love of Her Life at Work

What drew you to join Commissionaires?

MB: “I was looking for something in line with my personality and a good fit for my background.  My husband and grandfather both have a military background. I grew up with a strong sense of right and wrong and a desire to help people. I had wanted to get into policing but believed the opportunity passed me by when I had children. I learned about Commissionaires while in Victoria, BC and had seen them doing gate security at the base.”

What is your favourite part about working with Commissionaires?

MB: “The military origins mean that they have tried and true processes for their operations. Everything from training and Site Work Instructions to clothing and payroll has been figured out. Those are things I never had to worry about. The Commissionaires Security Officer Course left me feeling prepared as a stay-at-home mom entering the workforce. As I progressed through the ranks, I was offered continued training to help me further advance. I can honestly say that, after having spent some time as a G4S employee, Commissionaires absolutely prepares their employees by providing everything from training to uniforms and support.” 

What does your typical day involve at the Port?

MB: “I enjoy meeting new people each day and learning more about the shipping and logistics industry. I process applications for Port employees’ security clearances and issue passes to full-time employees, temporary employees, and transport drivers. My role hasn’t changed significantly due to the pandemic, aside from the sanitizing and social distancing. As an essential employee, I am required to continue processing clearance applications and issuing passes.”

What has been your most memorable experience with Commissionaires so far?

MB: “My time at the airport gave me so many memorable experiences, it would be hard to pick just one. I was able to progress from Security Escort to Post Guard, to Security Operations Centre Operator, to Shift Supervisor. Eventually, I was given management opportunities and offered to take a term position directly with the Airport Authority as Manager, Security Operations and Physical Security.”

What are your personal and professional goals for the future?

MB: “I’m looking to continue to grow and improve myself, both personally and professionally. Hopefully utilizing my communication and people skills to continue to develop a rapport with customers and clients.”

What are your hobbies/pastimes outside of work?

MB: “Carpentry. I completed a Cabinet Carpentry course shortly after high school. One of my reasons for taking the course was my love for wood furniture craftsmanship and knowing I could be capable of the craft. I’ve made great use of the skills and have completed numerous DIY home projects, including a basement renovation, a greenhouse, and even a deck!

I’m currently consumed with gardening, mainly tomatoes. My husband and I love pasta, and I can no longer eat commercial sauces, so we started growing our own Roma tomatoes and making sauce. This year we have over 100 tomato plants in the ground, as well as several other vegetables.”

The deck that Cmre Maureen Brown built.
The deck that Cmre Maureen Brown built.
Cmre Maureen Brown's seedlings at the start of the season
Cmre Maureen Brown’s seedlings at the start of the season
Cmre Maureen Brown's garden mid-season
Cmre Maureen Brown’s garden mid-season
Cmre Maureen Brown's garden late in the season
Cmre Maureen Brown’s garden late in the season