Top Reasons to Join Commissionaires

Interested in working at Commissionaires? We value our Canadian Forces and RCMP veterans, but we also keep our doors open for civilians who care about protecting Canadians. Here’s what our team members have to say:

1. Discipline: As a Medical Assistant in the Reserves, Kathleen Darch had a fast-paced job, providing medical support to members of the Forces. At Commissionaires, she’s noticed a similar level of discipline that’s needed at her job. As a dispatcher, Kathleen keeps shifts filled, checks in with mobile guards and sends Commissionaires when help is needed.

She must be attentive, alert and always checking in with her team. “I’ll be on the phone with the Commissionaires and then my alarm phone will ring, but then if the radio comes on, I have to listen to that first to make sure that the patrollers or inspectors don’t need me,” she says. “There is a lot of multitasking and it’s fast-paced. You have to prioritize.”

2. Camaraderie: Almost immediately, former Sergeant Doug Bourgeois noticed a similar structure between the Forces and Commissionaires. There are uniforms and there is a security mentality, “So none of this is really brand new to me,” he says.

But he also found the camaraderie that, outside of the Forces, is unique to Commissionaires. “We just hired on three more ex-military members,” he says. “As soon as you meet a new Commissionaire, it’s like you’ve known each other forever. It’s a growing community.”

3. Veterans: Former MARS (Maritime Surface) Officer Julie Graveline went from driving ships to propelling business development at Commissionaires. “The culture of having veterans integrated into the workforce and being able to share past experiences and knowledge was what drew me the most to Commissionaires,” she says.

Graveline continues to fine-tune her leadership skills learned from the Forces by working in the field and creating positive client relationships. She likes coming to work and seeing “veterans of all services and non-veterans alike. Commissionaires is well-suited to employ former veterans,” she says. “We want to give them opportunities for employment that they will excel at.”

Sound like a good match? Have a look at our current career openings to find a place with us.