Veterans Support Committee Donates $5,000 to Local Veterans’ Groups

This month saw the presentation of cheques to four community groups that provide programs to support local veterans. Below is a summary of the recipients and the valuable work they do:

VETS CANADA – $2,000

VETS Canada began in 2010 as a grassroots movement when Jim Lowther realized fellow veterans were slipping through the cracks. These veterans had lost their families and were living on the street. Jim and his wife, Debbie, formed a small team in Halifax, NS to seek out and help homeless and at-risk veterans reintegrate into civilian life. VETS Canada exists solely to help Canadian veterans. Whatever the need, veterans can reach out in confidence and VETS Canada will answer.

RCMP Veterans Association – $1,000

The Nova Scotia division has one of the largest active memberships in the country, with almost 100 RCMP veterans. The members work together to support local charities and community activities across the province. They also assist members with a disability and support surviving family members following the death of a member or their immediate family.

Paws Fur Thought – $1,000

Medric Cousineau co-founded Paws Fur Thought in 2013 after being paired with his service dog, Thai, whom Medric credits for saving his life. Today, Paws Fur Thought is a not-for-profit Service Dog Provider that pairs canine companions with Military and RCMP Veterans diagnosed with OSI/PTSD as a result of their military or policing careers.

Paws Fur Thought is proud to be one of the service dog providers recognized as part of the Wounded Warriors Service Dog Program.

Army Museum – $1,000

Since 1953, the Army Museum Halifax Citadel has fascinated and inspired thousands of visitors from around the world. Housed in an actual military fortress, the museum tells the powerful and compelling stories of soldiers of Nova Scotia. No detail is spared – from the munitions and medals to the displays of service and sacrifice. The Army Museum is the story of a nation.