Welcome aboard, Captain George Forward.

Retired naval captain George Forward took the helm as CEO of our Newfoundland and Labrador Division last month. He’s a highly accomplished military professional who brings over 30 years of leadership and executive experience, a career that took him around the world and back again to Canada.

Exactly one month into his new position, we had the opportunity to ask George a few questions on this new chapter of his life and career.

“After 30 years in uniform and with a young family, I was beginning to tire of the constant moves. Not having the flexibility inherent in a younger man, I was looking for more stability and finding an executive opportunity mere minutes from where my family wished to reside in Newfoundland was an opportunity not to be missed. Joining the Corps also provided the ‘soft landing’ I was hoping for after so much time in service to HM. I was able to relate to the quasi–military lines of operations and the preponderance of veterans currently employed in the Corps rather than take on a sudden shift from service to a strictly private sector role. I was alerted to the job opportunity by a colleague. I have known about the Commissionaires since joining the RCN. They are an integral part of every base, station and installation.”

We also asked what he thought his vast experience would bring to his new role as CEO.

“This is a tough one. You’re asking me to blow my own horn. Allow me to summarize by saying that, like every other commissioned officer in the Royal Canadian Navy, I have been spectacularly trained to the highest standards to deal with most situations in most environments. Ours is a navy that is second to none in the professional opportunities it provides and the eclectic and expert set of skills it provides its members. My accomplishments and experience are not unique, save that I was fortunate enough to be part of the finest fighting service in existence.”

Joining Commissionaires allowed George to return to Brigus, his hometown, after so many years away. “It is an immeasurably slower pace, and one which I was seeking. My family and I are very happy to be home and close to family and friends.”

Welcome aboard George!