What to do when someone loses consciousness – there’s an App for that!

A few weeks ago, a Commissionaire from Montreal helped a man through life-threatening situation. He had trouble breathing and, as our Commissionaire called for backup, the victim lost consciousness. Here’s how you can help if you see someone in a similar situation:

Be Prepared
The best thing you do can in an emergency is to stay calm. The second best is to be prepared. The Red Cross released a free first aid app for iPhone and Android cell phones that shows you what to do in common emergencies like choking, heatstroke, and bug bites. If you encounter someone who looks unconscious, open the app and it’ll show you how to help.

Survey the Area
Before you approach the victim, look at the area and think: “no fire, no wire, no gas, no glass.” Is there something that caused the victim to lose consciousness that could hurt you too? If the area looks safe, approach the victim.

Call for Help
Tap beside his head and ask if he’s okay.  If there’s no response, tilt the victim’s head back, lean in to listen for breath and look for chest movement. Call 9-1-1 or get someone else to. Have them relay whether the victim is breathing and then report back to you. He may be able to hear you, so tell the victim that you’re going to help.

Chest Compressions
Find the centre of the victim’s chest. Put one heel of your hand over top of the other and interlace your fingers. Firmly press downwards at about three compressions every two seconds, or 100 a minute. Do this until help arrives.

If He Wakes Up
If the victim starts breathing, put him on his side with his head tilted back. If he wakes up, make him as comfortable as possible. He will probably be in shock, so give him your coat to keep him warm. Talk to him until help arrives.

By keeping calm in an emergency and taking simple steps, you could help save a life. Remember, in an emergency, most people find it difficult to stay calm. Practicing how you’ll respond and having an app to refer to will keep you better focused on how to help. The Canadian Red Cross shares more first aid tips on their site.