Emergency First Aid

Life saving first aid skills every student should know are included in the Emergency and Standard Level First Aid courses. The following modules are mandatory for both the Emergency and Standard Level First Aid courses and duration is four hours:

  • Emergency scene management
  • Shock, unconsciousness and fainting
  • Choking (adult)
  • Cardiovascular emergencies and one-rescuer CPR (adult casualty)
  • Severe bleeding

Emergency First Aid/Recert (w/CPR & AED) training includes:

  • 1-day emergency level A/AED ( ADULT CPR AND AED ) This is a minimum 7 hr in class course where students must achieve a 70% on a final written test and be able to successfully demonstrate such skills as AED/CPR/ wound care.
  • This course and first aid recertification are the same courses.
  • Final test given for course.

Course duration: 1 day

Course fee: $111.87 CAD

Upcoming courses dates and locations (Toronto, London, Barrie)

Please call 1.866.364.4496 x252 or email [email protected] for dates during Covid-19