SERVICE ADVANTAGE for Customer Service Excellence

Improve the way your people provide customer service

Our SERVICE ADVANTAGE training goes beyond the basics of friendly service to meet the challenge of delivering exceptional long-term attention to client and customer needs that goes the extra mile and exceeds expectations.

This unique course to help businesses improve the way their people provide service to clients and customers by examining the fundamentals of delivering long-term customer service effectively and with sincerity.

This one-day course shows employees of service-based businesses how to improve the customer experience, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately increase growth. Learn how to turn customer transactions into customer relationships that keep them coming back to your business time and again despite an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Among the topics included are: the five components of outstanding service, contributors to a communications breakdown, the connection between customer focus and human relations skills, how to communicate for more effective customer service, dealing with assumptions that prevent successful service, plus leveraging how customers relate to their own history, intent and norms to improve service delivery.

Based on proven customer service methods and advanced human relations principles, the SERVICE ADVANTAGE approach benefits individuals who deal directly with the public, as well as those who supervise others in a public-facing role.

Through presentations, discussions and group work, participants will leave this course with a plan for putting their new knowledge into action, as well as tools they can use in relationships with other co-workers.

Course topics:

The curriculum is based on successful customer service methods and is enhanced by leading-edge human relations principles. Through short presentations, discussions, and group work, participants will gain an understanding of how to create positive and lasting customer relationships.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the components of service delivery
  • Appreciate how a focus on the customer leads to human relations skills
  • Relate to how individuals react to their own history, intent and norms
  • Determine what contributes to a communication breakdown
  • Utilize the five components of outstanding customer service: Reliability; Assurance; Tangibles; Empathy; and Responsiveness
  • Correct behavioural and attitudinal assumptions
  • Develop an action plan to implement this new knowledge

Course duration

This is a one-day course

Course dates

This course is only scheduled for group bookings.

Course locations

Saskatoon office

Course registration

This course is only available for group bookings. For more information please email: [email protected]