Commissionaire – Quinte

Belleville and surrounding area
Full Time

POSITION:  Commissionaire

LOCATION:  Quinte District


  • Full-Time & Part-Time
  • Rotating, Varied shifts
  • Shifts availability must include days, evenings, nights, weekends, holidays, and possibly unscheduled call-ins, may be required from district Supervisor/Manager

RATE OF PAY:  $18.65 to $23.00 per hour

EFFECTIVE:  This is an ongoing requirement

To be a Security Guard, responsible to the Commissionaire Site Supervisor/District Manager for the efficient and effective day-to-day operation of security tasks at the Designated site location.


  • must have excellent interpersonal and written communication skills,
  • must be able to communicate in a calm and confident manner regardless of circumstances,
  • must be able to interact with people in a concise and professional manner,
  • must be able to maintain Commissionaires and client confidentiality,
  • must be able to utilize any proprietary programs in use by/for the designated site/client,
  • must be physically able to conduct vehicle or foot patrols at site buildings and locations,
  • must be able to work independently or as part of a team,
  • should possess excellent computer skills, including experience with specialized secure networks and all Microsoft products i.e., Word, Excel, Access, and Outlook, and
  • should possess experience with online scheduling apps.


May require Reliability Status (minimum 5 consecutive years living in Canada)


  • represent the Commissionaires and the client professionally at all times including personal conduct, dress, and appearance,
  • read, remain current with, and follow all Commissionaires policies, Terms & Conditions of Employment
  • read, remain current with, maintain, and follow all client & site SOPs/post instructions,
  • be familiar with all site intrusion, security, and alarm systems (including, but not limited to CCTV, gate controls, entry monitoring and control, smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide systems) and all procedures associated with those systems,
  • provide information to site personnel, site visitors, and the general public, as required,
  • routinely interact with site personnel, site visitors, site contractors & their representatives, and the general public, as required,
  • respond promptly to all emergency situations including contacting and interacting with all forms of emergency services personnel,
  • control the issuing and receiving of keys, as well as maintaining, auditing, and enforcing key control procedures, as required,
  • control the issuing and receiving of access control passes, lists, logs, and registers, and enforce site pass control procedures, as required,
  • provide telephone & counter services, as required,
  • conduct foot & vehicle patrols, as required,
  • perform necessary escort services, if required by client site instructions, Commissionaires SOPs or at the direction of the Site Supervisor or the client (where possible),
  • maintain a daily personal notebook,
  • record, advise/report on any unusual site activity to the appropriate supervisor/client including any actions/remedies and/or official reporting undertaken, as required,
  • generate appropriate security and incident reports, as required,
  • maintain a dialogue with the Site/District Supervisor and the client at all times, and
  • perform any other required security related duties, as detailed by the Site Supervisor/District Manager and/or as reasonably requested by the client.


Applicants are requested to submit .pdf copies of the listed documents completing ONE submission only as follows:

Website Access – all applicants from outside the company

Submit the following documents through the Commissionaires national website under: > Careers > Kingston & Region > Position

  1. A current Résumé,
  2. A completed application form,
  3. A valid security guard licence, and
  4. A valid first aid certification.


No specific deadline.

Each application will be reviewed based on the employment opportunities available at the time of submission.


All security work is 24/7 up to 40 hours per week and overtime is possible.

Submissions from currently serving Commissionaires for all Union locations and supervisory positions will be prioritized over external applicants.

Incomplete, multiple submissions or unsolicited submissions may not be processed in a timely fashion or may be removed from the applicant pool entirely.

Although the Commissionaires prefers to hire military, RCMP and police service veterans we remain an equal opportunity employer that strives to ensure an inclusive and diverse workplace. Our vetting, interviewing, and hiring practices employ the same focus towards inclusivity and diversity in order to provide as barrier free an environment as is possible.

Selection of any candidate is subject to client approval.

Only candidates considered for an interview will be contacted.