Training and Compliance Manager

Closing Date
July 12, 2024
Full time
55K -60K Annually

Commissionaires Hamilton is seeking to hire a skilled professional in the field of adult training and compliance testing.

1.. The Training and Compliance Manager is the individual responsible for ensuring that newly hired, and active, Commissionaires and Detachment Commanders are capable and competent in the execution of their assigned tasks to meet organizational and ISO standards. This will be met by providing, monitoring, reviewing and challenging the individual’s trained skills. The Training and Compliance Manager is also responsible for ensuring that all training is created to meet, or exceed, the current standard.

2. The Training and Compliance Manager will also be responsible for acting as the Internal Auditor for ISO standards throughout the organization and providing those audit reviews to the CEO.

3. Serve as the Primary Point of Contact for updating/editing the Commissionaires Hamilton Intranet;

4. Duties shall include record keeping, a working knowledge of the creation of Training Plans and Teaching Point templates, and the ability to produce these items for every Commissionaires Hamilton contract site. The Training and Compliance Manager shall perform the following as part of their regular duties:

a) Conduct initial Orientation Training with new Commissionaires prior to their deployment to their primary worksite;

b) Maintain a record of all Site Training Plans and Teaching Point material;

c) Maintain a record of all Orientation Training successfully completed by employees of Commissionaires Hamilton for their personnel file;

d) Monitor and Maintain the Headquarters positional Training Manuals;

e) Conduct unscheduled skills confirmation on Commissionaires Hamilton worksites to ensure competence in tasks, and record the results of those inspections for future training and/or placement in the commissionaires’ personnel file;

f) Ensure that all training is the most relevant and current available and, if necessary, coordinate any external trainers as appropriate (eg. First Aid);

g) Manage supply of training materials and identify requirement for purchase of any shortfalls; and

h) Carry out any other related training duties that may be assigned from time to time by the Director of Human Resources.

This position calls for the following skills:

  1. High level of communication (both written and oral);
  2. High level of instructional technique;
  3. High level of computer awareness;
  4. Must have a Clean Driver’s Abstract and full ‘G’ Driver’s License,
  5. Ability to learn and implement new software quickly; and
  6. Time management and planning skills

/Hours of Work

Shifts are normally Monday to Friday 0800-1600

Salary/Wage $55K to $60K/Annually

Some travel to locations outside Hamilton will be required as part of the Compliance portion of the job.


Commissionaires Hamilton provides the following benefits and employment advantages”

Employee assistance Program Disability Insurance Overtime Pay

Accrued Vacation Pay Annual Uniform Credit Monetary Awards for Work Milestones

Referral Bonus Annual Disbursement (when applicable)

Paid Bereavement Leave