Document Authentication and Legalization Services (Apostille)

Document authentication and legalization, internationally known as an apostille, is a process that verifies the authenticity and validity of a Canadian document for international use.

Commissionaires’ apostille process verifies the authenticity of the document’s signature, seal, or stamp and confirms it was issued by the correct authority.

You can obtain an apostille effortlessly with a dedicated case manager. Our streamlined authentication process of document preparation, authentication and legalization saves you time and lets you focus on other priorities.

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Step 1 – Free Consultation

The authentication and legalization process begins with a complimentary phone consultation to understand your unique requirements. During this 5-10 minute session, we start by listening to your application needs, explain the standard process, address any questions you may have, and provide you with a price estimate. Contact us to get started!

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Step 2 – Document Preparation

We will help prepare your documents to avoid unnecessary processing delays. This may include:

  • Obtaining notarized documents
  • Obtaining certified true copies of your documents by a notary
  • Providing necessary supporting documents. i.e., cover letters, application forms, copies of ID, transcripts, confirmation letters and letters of accreditation

Step 3 – Document Authentication

Document authentication is used to obtain official recognition of a Canadian document in a foreign country. It verifies the authenticity of a signature, seal, or stamp and confirms it was issued by the correct authority. Global Affairs Canada reviews these documents and, if approved, adds a red stamp to certify their authenticity.

Step 4 – Document Legalization

If required, our team will hand deliver your documents to an embassy or consulate for legalization. They verify the Global Affairs Canada stamp and ensure that their own criteria are met. The embassy or consulate verifies the signature and seal of the authenticating authority and attaches its own certificate, affirming the previous authentication’s validity.

Step 5 – Document Forwarding by Courier

Once all your documents are completed, our team packages and ships them directly to you via courier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Document authentication ensures a document’s authenticity and validity for recognition in another country. It involves verifying the document’s genuineness and issuing authority. This process typically involves obtaining a designated government authority’s stamp or seal to verify the document’s authenticity through signature and seal checks.

Authentication is often a prerequisite for legalizing a document for foreign use, leading to the legalization or apostille process based on the destination country’s requirements.

Document legalization validates a document for foreign use by verifying its authenticity and compliance with the destination country’s legal requirements. It involves submitting the authenticated document to the destination country’s embassy/consulate for verification and affixing a legalization certificate or stamp.

This process ensures the document’s recognition and legal validity in the foreign jurisdiction, providing assurance to the receiving party. Note that legalization procedures and requirements differ among countries. Consulting the destination country’s embassy/consulate or seeking professional help ensures compliance with legalization requirements.

In Canada, the apostille process is referred to as the “authentication and legalization” of documents. Therefore, if you have been instructed to obtain an “apostille” for your Canadian documents, you will actually be going through the process of authenticating and legalizing them.

Below is a compilation of documents we frequently process. If you don’t see your specific document on this list, we may still be able to help! Reach out to us for a free consultation to discuss your specific requirements.

  • Birth certificate and death certificate
  • Degree certificate
  • Certified criminal record check by fingerprints
  • Criminal Record Check by name and date of birth
  • Marriage certificate and divorce certificate
  • Degrees and educational certificates
  • Power of attorney
  • Passport copy
  • Citizenship and immigration documentation
  • Business documents

Determining which supporting documents are applicable to your situation can vary depending on the requirements set by Global Affairs Canada, embassies, and consulates. Our knowledgeable specialists are here to assist you in understanding and identifying the specific supporting documents needed for your case. Reach out to our team for a free consultation, and we will be happy to discuss your situation and guide you accordingly.

No travel needed; we’ll handle the process. Contact us for a free consultation to ensure document requirements are met. Once ready to proceed simply send us your original documents, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We provide authentication services for documents at Global Affairs Canada, as well as legalization at the appropriate embassy or consulate. Our experts will save you time and money by handling document processing and follow-ups.

The timeline can vary greatly. However, as a trusted service provider, Commissionaires has established a strong relationship with Global Affairs Canada. This rapport enables us to process your documents with utmost efficiency and effectiveness. We leverage our knowledge and this relationship to ensure a smooth and seamless experience throughout the document processing journey.

Our prices are among the most competitive in the industry. Contact us for a free consultation. Once we understand your needs, we can provide you with a custom quote.

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