Drug and Alcohol Testing

Full Spectrum Testing

Commissionaires offers a full spectrum of drug and alcohol testing. Benefits of testing include:

  • Promoting a culture of safety
  • Decreasing liability
  • Improving work safety
  • Reducing Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) claims
  • Improving employee productivity and decreasing turnover
  • Facilitating treatment for workers

U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs

U.S. DOT testing is a requirement for any transportation company who is traveling across the Canadian and U.S. border. Commissionaires is fully certified and adheres to U.S. DOT’s comprehensive set of procedures and standards to ensure full compliance when testing your pool of drivers.

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

Random drug and alcohol testing is a highly effective deterrent to workplace substance abuse. By hiring an outside company to complete your testing, you as the employer are removed from the selection process and enhance the integrity of the random program.

Random tests are an effective deterrent against drug and alcohol abuse. A positive test can help you, as an employer, to identify at risk employees who may require assistance with their substance abuse issues.

Pre-Employment Testing

Establish the safest and most productive work environment possible with pre-employment drug and alcohol testing. Create an effective deterrent against drug and alcohol abuse, reduce absenteeism and minimize the risk of hiring individuals who pose a heightened safety risk.

Post-Incident Testing

If an accident occurs on your premises or worksite, it is important to determine if drugs or alcohol were involved. Decrease your liability but also more effectively determine how the issue should be handled. If an accident involving a fatality has occurred, someone required immediate medical care or if a vehicle violation transpired, call Commissionaires for an immediate response. Always minimize the time period between the event and post-incident testing, especially if alcohol abuse is suspected.

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