Commissionaires Reveals its 2023 National Commissionaire of the Year

This year’s recipient has dedicated nearly 20 years of service to Commissionaires in Peterborough, Ontario. Commissionaires is proud to announce that the Commissionaire of the Year for 2023 is Daniel Montgomery.

L-R: Commissionaires National Board Chair Gord Winkel; Commissionaire Daniel Montgomery; and his wife, Patricia Montgomery

An employee of the Kingston & Region Division, Daniel’s commitment has had a profound impact on the General Electric facility in Peterborough, where he continues to work. Throughout his tenure, Daniel has earned the trust and respect of his colleagues, who look to him as a mentor. His days involve collaborating with a diverse group of individuals, spanning a reportedly large age range from 18 to 70. He has a great ability to effectively communicate and accomplish tasks with people from different backgrounds and generations.

Daniel says, “I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Army, Navy, and Air Force veterans, learning about their stories. I also had the chance to train my Chief Operating Officer, a retired RCMP officer.” These experiences allowed him to further understand the diverse perspectives and experiences within the military community, strengthening his appreciation of the Corps culture.

Daniel’s leadership skills and ability to create a safe environment have set him apart in his career. His exceptional performance is evident in his annual appraisals, consistently exceeding expectations. Daniel regularly proposes suggestions to enhance site security operations; be it improvements in lighting, fencing, parking, or patrols. In recognition of his skills and dedication, he was promoted to the rank of Corporal, where he took on the responsibility of coaching new guards to achieve higher standards at his site.

L-R: Commissionaires Kingston Division CEO Dave Patterson; Patricia Montgomery (Daniel’s wife); Commissionaire Daniel Montgomery; and Commissionaires Kingston Division Board Chair Richard Dickson

In recognition of his achievements, Daniel was presented the Commissionaire of the Year award during a ceremony at the 2023 Annual Meeting of Divisions Gala in Edmonton, Alberta in June. Commissionaires National Board Chair, Gord Winkel, presented the award, highlighting that the “Commissionaire of the Year sets an inspiring standard for peers through an unwavering commitment to safety.” The award recognizes outstanding performance and comes with an engraved keepsake and a financial award.

To celebrate this accomplishment, Daniel was joined by his wife, Patricia, who accompanied him during the Edmonton trip festivities. Patricia happily shared that Daniel, “wears his uniform with pride…he loves putting it on every day!” The couple travelled from Peterborough, Ontario, and enjoyed activities organized by the hosting Division, Northern Alberta. The couple participated in a cooking class at Sorrentino’s restaurant, made a visit to Elk Island National Park, and visited the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village.

The Commissionaire of the Year award is a testament to the high standards upheld by Commissionaires across Canada. In honouring individuals like Daniel Montgomery, the organization aims to inspire and motivate its employees to continue creating safer environments at their sites.

Awardees and their respective CEOs receive a standing ovation as they enter the Gala Dinner led by a bagpiper