PHOTO RECAP: CNS Celebrates 100 Years With Centennial Baton & Flag

The spirit of Commissionaires is abundant in Nova Scotia. Our people carry a sense of pride that shows up in their work, and in the 88 communities where they live and serve.

We spent the past two months capturing the enthusiasm of CNS employees as part of Commissionaires Canada’s centennial celebrations. To help build excitement for the federation’s 100th anniversary in 2025, Commissionaires Canada developed a centennial baton and flag that’s being passed across the country like an Olympic torch.

Divisions were tasked to capture photos and video of as many commissionaires as possible holding the centenary items, with the intent to unite our 22,000-strong national workforce, and recognize the impact commissionaires have across the country.

Here’s a recap of all the great things that CNS accomplished during its time with the baton and flag:

  • approx. 1,211 kilometres travelled
  • 100+ commissionaires photographed
  • 76 photos submitted (plus drone footage and other video)
  • 38 client sites visited
  • 14 historic landmarks/places captured
  • two animal encounters (fish and a 100-year-old tortoise)
Honourable mentions:
  • Boldest Shot: diving with the Commissionaires centennial flag on HMCS Saguenay
  • Most Iconic Shot: flying the flag on the Bluenose II
  • Best Coordination: standing at the entrance of 14 Wing Greenwood with a CH-149 Cormorant passing overhead
  • Most Original Shot: capturing a photo within a photo to honour a commissionaire, John Abraham Thomas Nolan, who served in the ’80s
  • Best Branding: two commissionaires in front of the Northern District office and one of our vehicles
  • Most Commissionaires (in one photo): 21