Spring Clean Your Past with a Record Suspension

If you’ve made a mistake in your past and you don’t want it appearing on a background check – perhaps one you need for a volunteer position or a pre-employment screening – Commissionaires can help.

While we can’t erase your criminal record completely, Commissionaires can help you with a record suspension (formerly called a pardon).

This process removes your criminal record from the Canadian Police Information Center Database (CPIC). Once it’s done, a search won’t reveal your past, or even that you’ve received a record suspension/pardon.

Commissionaires can help you with a record suspension if you have:

Been convicted: You were convicted of an offence under a federal act or regulation in Canada as an adult. You’re also eligible if you were convicted in another country and were transferred to Canada.

Completed your sentence: You’ve paid your fines and compensation orders, served your sentence and have finished your probation order.

Completed a waiting period: This can be between five years for a summary offence and up to ten years for an indictable offence for which you were detained or imprisoned for more than six months.
When you visit the Commissionaires office, you’ll receive helpful and professional service. You don’t need a lawyer to apply for a record suspension; Commissionaires will walk you through the process. In fact, one of us will complete the forms for you to sign and then update you about what happens next.

All information will be considered confidential and your records will be returned when the process is complete.

Move on with your life. Contact Commissionaires to start you record suspension now.

Keep in mind that a record suspension will not guarantee you entry or visa privileges to another country. If you’re traveling to the US, Commissionaires can help with a US entry waiver.