Think like a Commissionaire to safeguard your Home

When Commissionaires think security, we think prevention. We look for potential security concerns and address them before there’s a problem. Commissionaires scan, plan and prevent. Repeat.

Learn how you can secure your home by thinking like a Commissionaire:

Find the Weak Spots
Whether it’s a shoddy side door or an unpatrolled parking lot, Commissionaires are trained to spot security weaknesses.  You can put this skill to use in your home by imagining how someone might break into your house. How would they go about it? Entrances, windows and dog doors come to mind. Any other areas? These are your home’s weak spots.

Prevent the Problem
Commissionaires help businesses decrease risk with customized security plans for employees, buildings and parking lots. You can do this at home by considering your home’s weak spots. How can you strengthen them? Replace rusted locks, secure basement windows and make sure outside doors are solid. Commissionaires can help with Homewatch services when you’re away.

Plan Ahead
Many businesses have protocols for what to do if there’s a fire drill. But what if an emergency happens at home? Where would you and your family meet? Set aside a few minutes every month to confirm that family members know what to do and where to meet in the event of a fire, flood or any other emergency. The location should be a specific, nearby, and easy to access.

Keep your emergency plans up-to-date and revisit your weak spots. Think about how seasonal change might affect your security. Winter might mean making sure that your driveway is consistently shovelled so that it looks like someone is home.  Summertime could mean double checking your windows and locking the toolshed after mowing the lawn.

With a little practice, you can better secure your home for almost any situation.