Three Tips to Protect your Computer against Malware

The cybercrime goes like this:

Your computer freezes. A message from the “Police Cybercrime Investigation Department” appears onscreen saying you must pay $100 or face criminal prosecution for a slew of possible offenses like copyright violation, gambling and infecting other computers with a virus. If you pay, the message reads, your computer will be unlocked in less than 72 hours.

Here’s what to do if you’re targeted with this latest cyber scam called “Ransomware”:

Don’t pay, say the RCMP.

There is no such thing as the Police Cybercrime Investigation Department. There’s also no guarantee that sending money will unfreeze your computer or remove Ransomware. You probably picked up this cyber scam by downloading unsafe content, or by opening an infected e-mail attachment. 

Instead, the RCMP recommends talking to a qualified computer technician.

The RCMP cybercrime prevention page lists ten tips to protect your computer from malware like this. Commissionaires recommends starting with these:

1.Be Wary

Whether you’re downloading or emailing, never click on an unknown link or file. Never reply to emails that ask you to verify your information, confirm your username or password, or provide account information.

2.Update your Operating System

Keep your applications and operating system current with the latest system updates by turning on automatic updates.

3.Secure your Wireless Network

Properly secure your home Wi-Fi (wireless) networks by customizing default settings. Avoid using more vulnerable public Wi-Fi networks (hot spots) for financial transactions.

Visit the RCMP’s cybercrime prevention page for more tips to secure your computer. Take action now so that you won’t be an easy target.