Veterans need support in the transition to civilian life

The recent federal government report estimating the number of homeless veterans in Canada is another manifestation of how difficult life after the military can be. The transition from serving in the armed forces to finding a second career in the civilian world can be very challenging, despite the leadership skills and training veterans have to offer. Finding a meaningful job is perhaps the first and most important goal for veterans when leaving the armed forces. Employment is a critical factor in overall wellness.

The Canadian Corps of Commissionaires recognizes and supports the work of government agencies and not-for-profit organizations that help homeless veterans, and we are committed to providing assistance through complementary relationships, such as our partnership with Veterans Emergency Transition Services Canada.

Commissionaires directly supports veterans by hiring them, and we are the largest private sector employer of veterans in Canada.  Commissionaires plays a leading role in easing the transition of veterans into civilian employment by providing an organizational structure that is familiar and comfortable for the veterans we employ.

We continue to encourage the private sector to recognize the qualifications, skills and experience of our veterans and to take a proactive approach to hiring them.  We believe that we all have a role to play in supporting veterans as they transition following their service to our country.

John Dewar, Chair, National Business Management Committee, Commissionaires




About Commissionaires

Commissionaires is one of Canada’s leading security providers and the largest private sector employer of veterans. Founded on the core military values of dedication, responsibility and sense of mission, it employs 20,000 people from coast to coast to coast. It offers a wide range of security services including professional guarding, monitoring and surveillance, threat risk assessment, bylaw enforcement, identification and fingerprinting services, and security training. The completely self-funding not-for-profit enterprise returns approximately 95 per cent of its annual generated revenue to employees. Its clients include an array of public and private sector organizations.


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