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Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Services

Commissionaires provides Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), also known as aerial filming or drone surveillance, services to meet a wide variety of safety and security needs for people, property and other resources. Our certified operators deliver a service that solves several physical and safety challenges, and mitigates risk of personal injury for manual work at dangerous heights

UAS services include:

  • Enhanced threat risk assessment
  • Infrastructure inspection and maintenance
  • Aerial site pre-planning and monitoring (construction)
  • Real estate
  • Surveying and mapping
  • Special events and mobile patrol
  • Monitoring and surveillance¬†
  • Emergency response

Commissionaires fully meets regulatory requirements:

  • Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) from Transport Canada
  • Certified operators
  • Full liability insurance

Download our UAS Brochure

UAS services are currently offered by:

  • Nova Scotia Division
  • Northern Alberta Division

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