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Record Suspensions (Pardons)


People may suffer discrimination, restricted freedom and lost opportunities because of a criminal record—even if they have changed their ways and lived for many years as a responsible, law-abiding citizen.

A record suspension (formerly known as a pardon) allows people who were convicted of a criminal offence to have their criminal record removed and kept separate and apart from other criminal records. Doing so can free your future, clearing the way for a new beginning.

Let Commissionaires make getting a record suspension simple and pain free: You will be required to submit fingerprints as part of your application (we can do that) and we can also assist you with your record suspension application at every step of the way.

At Commissionaires, you will be treated with courtesy and respect—regardless of your background or the circumstances surrounding your criminal conviction. We offer a confidential setting where your individual rights and privacy are assured.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For summary offences, you are eligible for a record suspension five years after you have completed your sentence for your offence(s). Note: This may be reduced to three years under certain circumstances.

For indictable offences, you are eligible for a record suspension 10 years after you have completed your sentence for your offence(s). Note: This may be reduced to five years under certain circumstances.
A sentence may be a fine, probation, a jail term, surcharge or restitution. For the purposes of a record suspension, a court order which prohibits you from driving or possessing a firearm, is not considered as part of the sentence.

Attention residents of Ontario and British Columbia: In response to court decisions in each of these provinces, changes made to the Criminal Records Act in 2010 and 2012 will no longer be applied retroactively for individuals currently living in Ontario or B.C., no matter where the offence(s) occurred.  Instead, applications will be processed according to the legislative requirements in the applicable version of the Criminal Records Act. If you currently live outside of Ontario or B.C., no matter where the offence(s) occurred, you will be processed under the current Criminal Records Act.

Record suspensions are not issued automatically. To remove a criminal record, an application must be made under the Criminal Records Act (CRA) to the Parole Board of Canada (PBC). The person must have completed their sentence and shown that they are now law-abiding citizens. The Parole Board grants, denies or revokes record suspensions for convictions under federal acts or regulations of Canada.

The Canadian Human Rights Act forbids discrimination based on a suspended record conviction. This includes services a person needs or the opportunity to work for a federal agency. The CRA states that no employment application form within the federal public service may ask any question that would require an applicant to disclose a suspended record conviction.

You do not need a lawyer or a representative to apply for a record suspension.  The Parole Board of Canada gives the same consideration to a record suspension application submitted by an individual or by a representative. Visit the Parole Board of Canada website.

Note: Companies that process record suspension applications cannot rush your application for an additional fee. Record suspension companies cannot expedite the record suspension process.  The Parole Board of Canada designed the process to be fair and equal.  No particular company can do it faster than any other.

Commissionaires offers a simple and affordable Record Suspension Service for citizens who don’t have the time to apply for a record suspension or need help with the application process.  There are no hidden fees and all of our clients receive the same prompt and professional service.

Getting digital fingerprints at Commissionaires and applying for a record suspension to the Parole Board of Canada through Commissionaires offers all-in-one convenience and expert guidance at every step of the way.

Commissionaires will compile the necessary personal information for your record suspension application. We will complete all necessary background checks to support your application.

This will include taking your fingerprints to obtain your Criminal Record, Court Information, local Police records, relevant Citizenship documents and Military Conduct Sheets if necessary. We will then complete all the required forms and present them to you for signature.

Once all the information is collected, we will submit your application to the Parole Board of Canada for a record suspension on your behalf. The Parole Board of Canada is empowered to grant, deny or revoke record suspensions. As your representative, we will receive and handle all communications from the Parole Board of Canada and other agencies.

Our proactive role and familiarity with the process will ensure that all the required documents are obtained in a timely manner and that your case is processed expeditiously. We will keep you informed at each stage of the process.

The combined cost of digital fingerprints as well as disbursements such as police checks, court document costs and postage will vary depending on where you are located and how many offences are on record. There is also a $644.88 Parole Board of Canada submission fee.

Additional police, court document and shipping costs will vary based on where you are located and how many offences are on record.

To apply for a record suspension, you may drop in without an appointment but calling ahead to your office of choice to ensure an officer is available on your chosen day is strongly recommended.