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Mobile Patrol

Commissionaires supplements internal alarm systems with 24/7 mobile patrol and alarm response services. Our Mobile Patrol team performs patrols and facility checks, and provides timely response to alarm calls, tailored to the client facility they're protecting.

Send criminals a visible message that you’re serious about protection. The extra physical presence is a proven crime deterrent.

Our Mobile Patrol services include:

  • Securing gates
  • Making sure external doors are locked
  • Checking windows
  • Walking around the perimeter of properties
  • Investigating any unusual activity or suspicious persons
  • Monitoring lone workers
  • Patrolling commercial parking lots

If your alarm goes off, we will:

  • Quickly dispatch a mobile unit
  • Perform a thorough external and internal inspection of the property
  • Co-ordinate with municipal emergency agencies (e.g. carry out a break and entry investigation)
  • Prepare a full incident report and make sure the property is re-secured before leaving

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