Alarm Monitoring and Response

Our team of trained professionals provide 24-hour real-time alarm monitoring and response. Our Mobile Response Team can dispatch a commissionaire, and if necessary coordinate action with emergency services (police, fire, paramedics). Incidents reports can be delivered to your email with pictures and a summary of the alarm response.

24/7 Response and New EV & Hybrid fleets in some regions

Our Mobile Alarm Response service provides peace of mind. We’re there to safeguard your property when you can’t be. We respond to:

  • Local businesses
  • Construction sites
  • Industrial areas
  • Residential areas
  • Alarm system faults and resets
  • Trespass complaints

If your alarm goes off, we will:

  • Quickly dispatch a mobile unit or call emergency services
  • Perform a thorough external and internal inspection of the property
  • Coordinate with emergency services (i.e. carry out a break and entry investigation)
  • Contact you (or the keyholder, depending on your security instructions)
  • Prepare a full incident report and make sure the property is re-secured before leaving