Government Security

Commissionaires manages security at a broad variety of government offices and facilities. Our professionals are courteous, observant, intervene and resolve conflicts, and respond quickly to emergency situations.

Security services:

  • RECEPTION AND CONCIERGE Screen visitors as they enter and exit your facility, screen and direct incoming calls, watch video monitors, and operate and respond to alarm and security systems.
  • SECURITY GUARDS Protect confidential areas and equipment within your facility.
  • PARKING ATTENDANTS Check all vehicles entering and exiting parking areas for identification and access permits.
  • PATROL AND MOBILE PATROL Officers search premises and surrounding grounds for any suspicious persons, cars and materials, and conduct regular security and fire alarm checks.
  • Many Commissionaires are veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and the RCMP, with established leadership, skills and expertise. Mandatory, ongoing training ensures you receive the highest level of security services from our professionals.