Non-Core Policing

There are 4,000 commissionaires supporting law enforcement across the country so that sworn officers can focus on the job only they can do.

Commissionaires provides enforcement and non-core police services to federal, provincial and municipal governments as well as police services. We deliver behind-the-scenes, non-core tasks and freeing up police officers for more critical duties.

Putting Police Officers Back on the Streets

Highly-trained Commissionaires help put police resources back into the front line of duty, supporting communities.

Non-Core police services include:

  • Detainee Services
  • Traffic Control
  • Prison monitoring/escort transportation
  • Process Serving
  • By-law enforcement
  • Summons and subpoena services
  • Crime Scene Security
  • Administration Support
  • Photo Radar
  • Evidence custodian
  • Inventory and front desk management

Municipal Services include:

  • By-law enforcement
  • Electronic ticketing
  • Animal control services
  • Detention services
  • Process serving
  • Administration support

Response Centre

Our dependable Response Centre will help manage your ‘on call’ list quickly and efficiently ensuring on call staff are notified according to your pre-set protocols. Save money by eliminating the need to pay on call staff when they are not needed.