Security Consulting

Commissionaires offers security consulting expertise to help you protect your business. Our security consultants are Certified Protection Professionals™ with the advanced skills and extensive security experience required to provide advice and guidance.

To ensure you have the most efficient, cost-effective solution, we offer complete security planning and design services, including product selection, project management and budgeting for your security implementation.

Security consulting services include

  • SECURITY PROGRAMS Our experts review your security vulnerabilities and risks, existing security programs and equipment, and provide you with recommendations according to budget and requirements. Security program planning can be customized to suit your needs.
  • EMERGENCY PROGRAMS Developing emergency protocols in advance is important in situations that could arise suddenly, such as accidents, natural disasters, terrorism or medical emergencies. Planning and training exercises allow maximum preparedness to minimize the dangers to your personnel and your business.
  • LOSS PREVENTION Commissionaires help you address shoplifting, industrial shrinkage and employee theft by carefully reviewing the root causes and providing recommendations using loss prevention technology.
  • THREAT RISK ASSESSMENT (TRA) In the face of today’s threats and risks, we’ll help your organization become more resilient – a threat risk assessment is the foundation. Click HERE for more info on our TRA service.