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Pre-employment Screening

Commissionaires specializes in pre-employment screening and background checks of your potential employees.

Services Offered

CRIMINAL RECORD CHECKS A criminal record check (also referred to as police checks, police certificates, CPICs, criminal background checks and police clearances) can be performed using either name or date of birth or by digital fingerprinting. For a certified record check, a fingerprint submission is required. For cases in which a name and date of birth check matches another individual, a fingerprint submission will be required to verify the person’s identity.

VULNERABLE SECTOR FINGERPRINTING These must begin at the individual’s local police station. Where digital fingerprinting services are unavailable, Commissionaires is accredited by the RCMP to perform fingerprinting for a Vulnerable Sector check. Where only traditional ink-and-roll fingerprinting is available, Commissionaires can convert these to digital format and submit them to the RCMP. Results will be processed within 72 hours if no convictions are found, compared to 120 days for ink-and-roll prints.

BACKGROUND VERIFICATION A criminal record check is just one of many screening processes businesses should use to select their employees. Commissionaires provides a suite of pre-employment screening services including:

  • CREDIT CHECKS Commissionaires provides credit risk assessments on candidates.
  • EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION Commissionaires researches a candidate’s stated employment history for accuracy of dates, titles and job functions
  • REFERENCE CHECKS Commissionaires recruiters perform thousands of reference checks per year on behalf of internal and external clients. We use a proven methodology with protocols for degrees of separation of a candidate and their reference.

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