Top 3 Reasons why our Non-Core Police Services can Help Your Police

Commissionaires’ non-core police services helps municipalities and police departments by taking on non-core duties to free up police for the jobs they’re trained to do. This puts them back on the streets -helping and protecting citizens and communities.


1. Helps municipalities and police forces contain costs. Police costs have been rising. Canada’s total policing costs almost doubled between 1999 and 2009, from $6.4 billion to $12.3 billion. Commissionaires can help contain those costs by doing the behind-the-scenes work, like by-law enforcement, photo radar and admin support.

2. Available 24/7. Our 24/7 operations center provides immediate service for your police department. You pay for our on call team only when they’re needed.

3. Canada-wide. From Abbotsford, BC, to Halifax, NS, Commissionaires’ cross-Canada services have a demonstrated track record for helping police departments. Many of us have served in the Forces and RCMP, and we know what’s     required to support our police.

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