Top 3 Reasons why our Non-Core Police Services can Help Your Police

Commissionaires’ non-core police services helps municipalities and police departments by taking on non-core duties to free up police for the jobs they’re trained to do. This puts them back on the streets -helping and protecting citizens and communities. Commissionaires: 1. Helps municipalities and police forces contain costs. Police costs have been rising. Canada’s total policing … Read more ›

Heart protection: 6 warning signs of a heart attack

February is Heart Month. We’re not talking about Valentine’s Day. The Public Health Agency of Canada (2009) says that nine in 10 Canadians have at least one risk factor for heart disease or stroke. If you feel even one of these symptoms out of the blue, call 9-1-1, rest and wait for help. Here are … Read more ›

5 Reasons to Have Your Fingerprints Taken

At Commissionaires, we’re frequently asked why someone should have their fingerprints taken.   Here are the top reasons: 1. Employment Many corporations and agencies require both employees and volunteers to be fingerprinted. 2. Foreign Travel, Passports, Work Permits, Visas and US Waivers Anyone wishing to visit or work in other countries may be required to provide … Read more ›

The One Safety Step Commissionaires Recommends You Take Right Now

Commissionaires follow strict safety protocols. We also like to preach what we practice, and we share our safety tips whenever we can. For us, being safe means being prepared: taking the time to learn safety skills and procedures like how to secure your home, knowing how to prepare for a vacation, or what to do … Read more ›